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msamborswrote a review of on February 6, 2012

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First of all, I think that the U.S. sizing for these shoes is not accurate. I usually wear a size 45 (or U.S. 11) cycling shoe but I was concerned when I checked the sizing chart and saw that 45 is equal to U.S. 11.5. It turned out that a 45/11.5 shoe is not too big for me. It fits like a size 11.

I installed Shimano SPD cleats on the shoes. The cleats are just barely exposed and make a tiny click on tile floors. The footplate is hard plastic, like typical cycling shoes.

The shoes are fine for indoor trainers or spinning classes. I'm not using them outside for two reasons. First, the soles have small vents (covered by grilles) in front of and behind the cleats. I imagine that the inserts would become a bit wet in a rainstorm. Second, the fabric and laces of the shoes are blinding bright white. I would hate for them to turn into an ugly grey.

All in all, like the description states, good shoes for someone who does a lot of indoor cycling but doesn't want to wear "regular" cycling shoes.