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mountain mommy

mountain mommy

Just below the White Mts..... NH

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Mommy of one.... we love hiking, showshoeing, camping, boating, reading, writing, arts, and of course... cooking!!!! We love to try almost anything as a family...

mountain mommy

mountain mommywrote a review of on June 4, 2009

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Normally we use the camelbak bottles in our house, but my six year old is a chewer and the bite valves on them do not last with her. I have used the regular nalgene bottles, but being six she does not always pay attention and often will wear a bit of the water from those if she is not careful. This one she can walk and drink her water at the same time, can't really do much damage to it (though, when I washed it I noticed a few teeth marks around the valve, but nothing that hinders its performance). She doesn't really have it laying down or just tossed in her backpack much so we haven't really had the chance to test out some of the leak issues others have had. So far, it works great for her!