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San Diego and Forests and Mtns of the SW

mister.soda2268756's Bio

My outdoor spirit was conceived running 1/2 marathons and born in the Grand Canyon. Since then I've taken to triathlons, trail running, rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, and zoning out in meditation in the most remote, beautiful places I can find.


mister.soda2268756wrote a review of on February 1, 2018

3 5

I put a pair of these on my road bike and absolutely love them. I loved them so much that I spent hundreds of dollars to put one on my commuter. Worst decision ever. I throw my chain ALL THE TIME. It varies. Sometimes I'll go a whole week without throwing the chain. Today, on my 2.5 mile commute, I threw the chain three times, which is what spurred me to write this review. I've had the bike professionally tuned and adjusted twice. It doesn't help. If anything, it makes it worse.

AB's customer service on the issue wasn't helpful either. They acknowledged that their rings aren't designed to keep the chain on "but we're working on it" they said. In the meantime, they suggested taking a link out of the chain to increase the tension. If anything, that only made it worse.

I might recommend these for a road bike with a tight derailleur, but not on anything else. It's a shame. I do love them on my road bike, and conceptually, they SHOULD be awesome on a MTB or cross bike where they would improve traction. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did.