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MARTIN D.wrote a review of on January 10, 2013

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This product is an example of good idea with terrible execution. It is easy to get a bike in the bag. The problem is that one does not purchase a bag to simply put a bike in it, but to get it from one place to another. Here are the things that went wrong on one round trip with one layover:
1. The clasps that attach the handle to the rest of the bag tore - the high quality nylon did not year, but the $0.01 cheap thread that is used to fix the nylon to the case did not stand up. Brought it to a cobble who fixed it for $25. He laughed when he saw the quality of the stitching.
2. Air bladder - only works if it holds air. Mine did not hold air on either trip. ON the way back I actually sat there and watched the TSA guys open and close the case to make sure they didn't let the air out . They did not.
3. Lost the wheels one the bottom of the case. Wheels are awesome, so awesome that I am giving this bag another shot. I was so happy wheeling my bike into the airport on the way there. On the way back it was a slog as I had to drag it.
4. The foam pad in the bottom of the case came unglued. The glue job was ridiculous.

Oh yeah, as a result of the bag getting deflated my mountain bike wheel suffered about $80 worth of damage - bent rotor and untrue wheel.

Yes - airlines are rough, but a $600 bag should protect the bike. I will try an exchange. If I have any issues I am sending back and giving a one star review. BKIND, if you read this and would like a video of my expereince, please let me know. Again - like the design, just don't use such cheap materials in critical places - especially the handle!