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Kim N.

Kim N.

Kim N.

Kim N.wrote a review of on March 24, 2013

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I originally got this for my boyfriend for all ride/free ride/ downhill MTBing. I actually was borrowing it on my first free ride trail. There was a pile up at a downhill burm and fell in the process of avoiding the pile up. My compression pants where torn but what saved me from the fall was sliding on my right side with most of my weight on the elbowguards. My arms didn't feel a thing. It sustained a few scratches but the elbow guards really did the trick. Worth every penny !!

Downsides: Uncomfortable when worn during climbing.
Solution: Put in camelbak or back pack and use when needed (downhill)

Great quality. Sizing is a little difficult to determine. Check out in local store to determine the right size for you.

"If its to tight its not right"