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Joshua K.

Joshua K.

Joshua K.

Joshua K.wrote a review of on September 10, 2011

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I bought the Macon for commuting on my bicycle. Most things make me look like a doofus, but the Macon does not. Mine is gray. I like it. In two months I have gotten two and a half compliments about it. The half-compliment was a woman telling me that she didn't like traditional road-style helmets. She didn't say that my Macon looked better or anything, so I counted it as half of a compliment. The other two were real compliments, also from women, about how good I looked in the Macon. I am a man (despite what my girlfriend yells at me through the bathroom door), so other men who buy the Macon can also expect flattery from the fairer sex. Good-looking women who wear the Macon will remain good-looking, but I can not speak to the Macon's effect on plain girls. I have a hunch they will remain of a homely persuasion. I forgot to mention that the Macon is comfortable, so here goes. The Macon is comfortable. Also, I got hit by a car the other day, but the car did not hit my head nor did my head hit the ground (I have excellent reflexes), so I can not yet report on the Macon's life-saving abilities. If I never update this review with more information regarding said life-saving abilities, you can assume that (1) I have become an even more attentive cyclist or (2) that the Macon gets zero stars in the life saving department. To recapitulate:
The Macon has sex appeal but will not correct unsexiness; the Macon feels good when I wear it; the Macon will theoretically protect your head in a crash.