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Joseph L.

Joseph L.

Joseph L.

Joseph L.wrote a review of on July 8, 2012

Science Experiment Gone Wrong
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Kinda tricky to install properly, but do hold there position well, even when wet. Not sure how the grip is in the wet, but I have a feeling they may not be great based on the wet install they seemed very slippery. Felt good; I like a thin grip.

They make removing slide-on shifters or brakes very difficult since they have to be slipped back off the bars and reinstalled wet and allowed to dry for 24 hours(maybe really more like 6hrs).

The worst part by far is Durability. I bought two sets one for the AM bike and one for the DH bike a month ago. They both have chunks missing out of them. One from the most benign slow speed crashes ever and the other sliced open from a trail side brush. Plus the end cap broke off on the DH bike. Now I get to pry that out of the bar end.

Great idea but leaves a lot to be desired. Regular lock-on grips may seem excessive to some but the functionality and durability pay off quickly.




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