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2018 Road Bike Buyer’s Guide



jelleylegswrote a review of on January 31, 2012

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Great piece of kit. I run a trail running company in the UK. ( until now my most sophisticated piece of equipment was my this is a huge leap forward. My main complaint is that it does not yell at me as I go out the door to remind me to put it on...(it is too big to wear as a watch, unlike some of the other Garmin's) but assuming I remember to charge it and put it on my wrist, it is great. I get back, wander near my computer and it downloads - I name the route and that is it - I can tell my runners everything they need to know about where they have been, when they were slacking going up the hills, when they ate their sandwich and how fast they ran that last mile when the pub was in sight. So get one today - but if you live in the UK, watch out I had to pay $100 when it arrived - no fault of Backcountry...stung for import tax