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girwrote a review of on April 2, 2017

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I was attracted to the interesting looks/color of this vessel, as well as their non-profit side which reminded me of Miir bottles. I really like the quality and design of my Miir bottles and really love how much good they do as a company, but Mizu is no match. This bottle is downright disappointing. The construction feels cheap especially the threading of the lid. I cringe at the rough feeling and sound each time I screw the lid. It reminds me of the cheap or free steel bottles you get as a promo. The string attachment is quaint but useless because the lid flops around as I drink if I don't hold it, and the wide lid is awkward for my hands to hold both it and the bottle at the same time. If my drink is not water, I dirty my hands and bottle with drippage. So for me, this essentially requires two hands to drink or a lot of concentration and dexterity to do it one handed. Finally, it doesn't keep my drink very cold. I'll toss something in the morning to drink in the late afternoon/early evening. For something that claims 24hrs of cold insulation, my drink is just chilly. Slush becomes liquid. My other 24hr bottle has it darned cold. Slush remains 80% slush. I haven't tried hot liquids. If it kept it cold like my other bottle, I'd forgive its other flaws.