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foj5681186-0wrote a review of on August 21, 2012

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You get what you pay for with Louis Garneau. I really liked these gloves and you can not beat the price. But I used them for the first time and washed them in a net zip bag on delicate in cool water with a little Tide with my road kit after my ride and the entire tub of the washing machine suddenly filled up with Kingsford black water. My custom club Hincapie kit survived, but the white Louis Garneau gloves came out a gray cammo/tie die/jaguar spot mess, with black, funky die water oozing out of the palms after several washings and soaks in an effort to save the white, lycra backs. No luck. Got about 80% of the spots out, but still perma-stained for good and ruined. Too bad. Once the freaky pull cords were snipped off, these seemed to be great mitts. I have other LG gloves that have never done this. Bad dye job with cheapeau Garneau water-soluble inks. Buy something else...