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erik W.

erik W.

erik W.

erik W.wrote a review of on November 28, 2018

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

No reviews for tights so I guess I'll write one.

I'm 174lb, 6'2".

I purchased these tights instead of some LG & Castelli for the following reasons:
- Tighter "race" fit on the legs, especially lower calf. When tights get wet they tend to sag so I was trying to avoid this. LG was the worst offender, Castelli was slightly loose in the knee.
- Windproof panelling on the length of the entire leg except the knee joint. The knee material is lighter weight than the double panelling on the rest of the front facing material. It doesn't bunch in the knee and I don't notice it adversely when I'm riding. I notice my unshaved legs a lot more than I do the tights in other words.

In moderate rain with temps in the low 40F's the tights were warm enough but you feel a slight prick of the cold. As I warm up, and stop caring about the outside world I forget about the tights and feelings. If you had to stop pedaling or had a long wet downhill descent I think you may start to feel the cold creeping in. Out of the saddle you can feel the water running down your legs, they are not waterproof. I'd hesitate to even say water resistant - they are windproof on the front so the water doesn't cool you down a lot in a wind but if you need to be dry these are not the tights for you.

In the dry low 30F temps, the tights excel. Quite warm and windproof and I never overheated. More of a challenge to get the upper layers right so you don't soak in sweat but also can maintain tempo pace.

Have not used them in warmer weather than mid 50F - For reference I was using knee warmers and wool arm warmers in those temperates until I picked up these tights. Both were comfortable to low 50F but the tights make it "easier" to saddle up in the early morning cold ;)

The chamois is pretty thick initially, felt like I was sitting on a sponge. After a week of riding it gets thinner and is out of the way and comfortable. Its not of any particular note now.

Cost is prohibitive. They are expensive.

I'm buying another pair with neon for really sh*t weather riding. The black has some reflective accents but nothing serious. (Why does everything have to come in black?)

Oh and Gore has terrible marketing for their Gore line. The 7 series stuff is for "pro applications", the 5 is more casual riding, the 3 is for people that "sometimes" ride a bike.

The 7 series jacket was "too" pro for commuting for example (tight fit, expensive, difficult to remove while riding in commute attire), but the tights are fine for commuting.