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dht114574748wrote a review of on January 25, 2020

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Competitive cyclist is now deleting my reviews. Previously, I left a two star review of this light.

The post mount is difficult to affix and remove. I have an oblong aero Seat post.

The strap broke. The light stopped shining light to the left and the right. No, it only shines directly to the rear. Most of the nightrider stuff breaks easily.

Again, It stopped shining light to the sides. I might have dropped it when I was trying to attach it to the sea post. I honestly don’t remember that. I’m just trying to figure out why it stopped working.

The good news is that it’s pretty bright and it shines light out of the sides, when functioning properly. But it’s not the full 270 lm. More like 180. One of the flashing features seems a little bit brighter than the rest, so that might bring it closer to the max output for one nanosecond.

It doesn’t turn on to the right mode easily. You have to press and hold it for several seconds and the button is located in a weird place and hard to press. This means you’ll have to take your bike gloves off and stand next to your bike for several seconds holding down the stupid button before it comes on. Then you may have to change the mode using that same button. Really stupid UX design.

Charging is an absolute nightmare. The light straps on to the seat post by way of a very flimsy piece of rubber that is very difficult to affixed to the light and strap on. It’s such a pain in the ass that if you’re tired, you’re probably just going to forget about using the light and ride with no light Rather than spend the amount of time – often over a minute – to reattach this light. And while you’re reattaching it, it’s probably going to break. Unless you have a very thin or small seat post, not an aero seat post..




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