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davidwrote a review of on October 4, 2012

Good stuff
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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This is a good rack but I can only compare it to one I had mounted on the rear trunk which was annoying to put up and down all the time.

This rack is a snap to put on. Once I've even taken and installed in on a friend's car when the rear rack was too cramped. It took literally a minute to take it off my car and onto his.

Overall, I'm super satisfied and the following are observations that are minor.

I have this mounted on square Thule bars on a sedan and there is about a milimiter wiggle on the front but the whole thing is supposed to be so flexible that's fine.

My friend's 29er looked a little weird when we put it in first and you really need to make sure that you unscrew the whole way out, put the bike in and then screw it back in.

The rear strap is a bit of a pain if you forget to undo it before putting bike up. It's almost impossible to open the strap with one hand.

The wire from the lock could be longer. The picture has the wire go through the frame only and not through the wheel but that makes taking the wheel real possibility. It's just a matter of unscrewing the big screw and opening the metal mouth. I was able to loop in the wire and the frame but it's SUPER tight. Extra 3 inches would solve this.

Another thing to remember is that the tires must be inflated to good pressure so if you blow a tire, you better have a spare and pump it before going home.

Update 11/02/2012: I've used this rack for over three months now more than once a week. One problem that has developed is that the main knob for tightening the rack has gotten the thread messed up and is difficult to work. This is really getting annoying and I'm going to try to find out if this is something that can be addressed.

10/23/2013 update:

The thread on the knob is completely gone and it actually caused my bike to almost fall off. Really bad. I made video about it that I will post here

Here's the video: