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ben B.

ben B.

ben B.

ben B.wrote a review of on May 31, 2019

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First bike I bought in 20 years that had a serial number still on it and no regrets. SO far this bike will do all that i need with trail rides and descents. Love the quick adjust of suspension, And can't forget the seat post drop!!! Not a slapper like others i have seen and the envy of those don't know about them. ( Slow and soft as the boys like. Took 3 rides to figure it out what the lever was for. )Super easy to put together and had tuned quickly. Just don't tell em that it costs more than the truck they drove here in. Bought a large. 6' 190 lbs and 34" inseam. Suspension and shifting is smooth. eats up the climbs. pounds the hills and pimps the courses. ( rail trails here in NE)