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2018 Road Bike Buyer’s Guide
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A. S. K.

A. S. K.wrote a review of on July 11, 2016

Ok... not great
3 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

If you are looking for a legit AM/Trail plus bike... look elsewhere.

Review above was a little weak and light on content due to being short on time... here's a bit more:

The Mojo 3 felt really "middle of the road" to me. Not quite XC, not quite AM, and not quite 27+. I really wanted to like this bike... I took it out for an extended (several day) review on my local trails. On paper it checked all the boxes. I have talked to friends that own the Mojo 3 and really like it. However, they also say that it is not nearly as forgiving as some of their trail bikes.

Handling of this bike is very nimble... almost to the point of being twitchy on the steep/fast sections. I was not a fan of the unforgiving nature of this bike vs other trail / 27+ bikes I have ridden recently. I actually think the description that CC has for the M3 is pretty good. It is not as capable as many of the longer/slacker options out there. So if you are looking for a more XC feel than an AM feel, this might be a good option for you. I personally felt like I was sitting on top of the bike vs sitting in the bike. The Mojo, Mojo SL, Ripley, and HD all felt like this a bit to me. The Ibis HD3 felt much better, but still not perfect.

On the 27+ side... this is a plus-ish setup. I think the rims are only 35mm internal vs 40mm+. I'd suggest looking at a 40mm rim if want 27+ running very low tire pressures.

So there you go... You will find a ton of reviews from riders that bought this bike telling you that they loved it. I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in as well. My advice, go ride one and decide for yourself.

Other bikes you should try if you are looking for 27+:

-Hightower - I had this for a month or so... so good. Plus wheels... if you can afford it, go Enve. I got a chance to take a few runs w/ the Hightower on some loaner Enve 27+ wheels... It is a different bike vs the stock Easton Arc wheelset. Switch out to 29er and the Hightower becomes a veryfast and efficient machine. It is probably the most stable / confident inspiring bike at high speeds that I've ridden lately.

-Pivot Switchblade - Other than not being compatible w/ Eagle and other Boost wheelset, this is probably the best 27+ bike out right now. If you get a chance, ride one.

-Stumpjumper Fattie - I recently rode last year's version of the SJ Fattie. That is a seriously fun bike. It too has narrow-ish plus rims. It wasn't the best bike all around that I've been on recently, but it sure was fun throw around for a few runs.

Other trail bikes I'd take a look at:

-YT Jeffsy - If you are looking for a nimble, easy climbing, fun ride... the Jeffsy is hard to beat. It was way more fun (IMO) than the Mojo 3 and comes fully loaded at $5500.

-Bronson - I bought the gen 1 as soon as it came out and loved it. I had a demo gen 2 for several weeks recently as well... I had so much fun on it. Nimble, easy to throw around, loves to jump, and capable enough to bail you out if you make a bad line choice.

-SCB Tallboy 3 / Solo - I have not had time to take these out yet, but they are on the short list of fun trail/XC-ish models I'd like to try.

PS - Look elsewhere = other bikes. Backcountry / Competitive Cyclist are one of the best online shops around. Customer service is 2nd to none.

Hope that review is a bit more useful... Cheers!



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