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Ariel Z.

Ariel Z.

Ariel Z.

Ariel Z.wrote a review of on April 23, 2009

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Unlike the previous reviewer, I did buy this new for 2009 pump. Unfortunately it has been a huge disappointment.

The gauge is extremely hard to see, even close up. For the lb. markings it's got dark gray lines on a black background with tiny numbers - go figure, especially since it's all the way at the bottom of the pump.

I had high hopes for the presta specific head, but turns out it sucks. It's almost impossible to remove the head without letting air out because of the bleed valve setup. I asked Blackburn support about this but they were clueless on the phone and then never returned my emails. I had to remove the bleed valve internals so I could get the head off without loosing all the air. This turns the bleed valve into a pressure release (mentioned in the Blackburn description but no where in the instructions nor did anyone at Blackburn seem to know about this) which should make the pump head easier to remove. But even with the pressure released, it's way too hard to remove the head from the valve. This means you will periodically tear your valves off. Just what you want right before a ride.

It does pump well, but it's a floor pump, they all pump well. I really did want to like this pump but it's all about the pump head and the gauge. Both of which suck on this pump.

Needless to say the pump's going back.