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Andrew H.

Andrew H.

Andrew H.

Andrew H.wrote a review of on October 9, 2012

Minor flaw escaldes to serious issue
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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Before I add my thoughts on this product I would just like to say that Backcountry is awesome and their service is exceptional.

Now as for the jacket. I could go on a long-winded rant here but I will just give you the skinny. This jacket arrived last night, it was rainy and 40 degrees...the perfect night to try out this jacket on short bike ride. It was flawless in every sense, I loved it and went much further than expected because I was bone dry and comfortable. At this point I was prepared to write up a 4.5/5 star review on my cycling product review blog...until I got home and couldn't find my keys. Long story short, I was locked out of my apartment, the offices were closed and I didn't bring my phone because of the rain. So why blame this jacket? Well, the only pocket on the entire jacket had a hole in it. To make matters worse, the hole was on the side of the pocket (rather than the bottom), meaning the keys wouldn't have fallen out right away (around my garage) but instead they would have fallen out anywhere along my roughly 15mile bike ride. Since I was locked out of my apartment I re-rode my trip and had no success finding them. Once I returned home and was let inside by my neighbors, I cleaned up and headed out on foot for the first 2-3 miles, then attacked my search in my car for the portion further out. By shear luck I located my keys about 6 miles from home in the middle of an intersection in the dark of night.
I must say I loved this jacket for every second I had it on until I recognized it abandoned my keys (house, garage, mailbox and high-security related work key). Something as simple as a 1 inch hole in the pocket of this jacket nearly forced my employer to re-key their entire building and locked me out of my house.
Maybe this deserves a better review but it ruined my night and gave me a serious scare. I can't bring myself to give this jacket a positive review even though I would be raving about it if not for the key incident.