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Zach Lassek

Zach Lassek

Zach Lassek's Passions

Mountain Biking

Zach Lassek's Bio

Originally from "All over the place," USA.

Being the product of two parents in the US Navy was both a blessing & a curse. Without one place to call home I always finding myself gravitating toward whatever adventure calls my name next....

My obsession with the outdoors "officially" began 5 years ago - upon to moving to Fort Collins, Colorado for college (Mountain-biking straight from home after one one o' clock class was definitely a routine I took for granted)

As a kid I always loved being outside; the classroom or the house was never where I belonged.

Snowboarding, Mountain-biking, Golfing, Fly-fishing and just being outside are my main passions. I'd be selling myself short if I didn't throw in the occasional beer consumption - Pale Ale (5 Barrel from O'Dells brewery has to be favorite) -- Fort Collins pride baby!

Recently, I moved to Utah to chase my dream job right here, at It's apart of my job description and overall life duty to get you stoked and connected to your passions.

Whatever your passion, hobby or true love is let's talk about it!

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