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William M.

William M.

William M.

William M.wrote a review of on June 19, 2016

Good upgrade
5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I labored over the decision to buy these wheels for a year and am sorry I waited so long. If you are looking for an upgrade from a set of standard aluminum training hoops for everyday riding, you can't go wrong with these wheels.

I bought a Ridley Fenix build from CC last year and it shipped with Aksium wheels. I wasn't thrilled with the wheels, but, figured they'd be fine for training and club rides. I was going to buy these Mercury wheels at the same time for faster club rides, the occasional crit and time trial and road race, but, figured I wasn't THAT serious and passed on them. Mistake number 1.

Fast forward six months and a couple thousand miles - the Aksium free hub locked up and I had to send it back to CC for warranty. The team was great to work with, but, they had to send it back to Mavic and they estimated a month without the wheel. So, decision time: ride my old bike for a month, or, buy a second set of wheels? Again, I labored over spending $1k on a set of Mercury wheels or buy a replacement Aksium or a set of Ksyeriums. I didn't feel like I was ready to ride around on a set of 55mm Carbon wheels. I bought the Kyseriums. Mistake number 2.

So, six months later, I'm more serious about riding and Crits and time trials and my wife asked me what I wanted for Father's Day. These wheels were exactly what I wanted - and I'm thrilled I got them.

Whether or not the performance gains I got today were mental or real, putting 100 miles on them with 25mm Continental GP 4K IIs was a joy ride. At $1k a set, it is money well spent if you are a serious rider looking for a bit extra speed or watts saved when riding alone. Today, I did 50 miles with a friend and kept going another 50 solo in under six hours and the difference in ride quality, speed and energy output was noticeable compared to the Aksiums and Ksyerium Elites. They weigh less than the Aksiums and about the same as the Ksyeriums, but are so much better. I wish I had skipped the Ksyerium purchase and gone straight to these and keep the Aksiums for rainy days.

Stopping power is as good as traditional wheels. I toed the pads and they didn't squeal at first, but, did - a little - under hard braking after a while. I'll adjust the tow a little more aggressively and I'm sure it'll go away. I see Mercury has a new style pad, so, I'll give those a try when these wear out.

Front wheel had a very slight wobble, but, easy fix with a quarter turn of the spoke wrench.

80mm priests valves are good. I'm not using the extenders.

Thought I would hate the massive white logos, but, now I like them.

Riding in <10 mph wind from all directions revealed no noticeable difference in handling - other than the first time a dump truck passed the opposite direction, the amount of sail effect on the front wheel caught me a little off guard.

Overall, if you are looking for an upgrade to do some races and aren't serious enough to put $3k at risk, but, also, aren't comfortable at 50+ mph with cheap knock offs, these are a perfect fit.

Edit: Update after a thousand or so miles: Still love them. Stopping in the rain takes more distance and can be disconcerting the first squeeze, but, are fine with finesse,