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William E.

William E.

William E.

William E.wrote a review of on April 17, 2019

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I wanted a single track set of wheels for my RLT Steel Niner gravel bike.
This was my first go at setting up a wheel set. I settled on the G3 650b Gravel Wheelset and WTB Venture 650b x47 tires with AVID 160 rotors.
The build up of the wheels did not take much time and I'll quickly describe the process I used.
I wiped the wheels down with Isopropyl Alcohol and let them dry. That only takes seconds ..... then starting on the opposite side of the wheel from the valve stem I began using the tubeless rim tape that is supplied with the wheelset. As I applied the tape i made sure to keep a constant pressure on the tape as I laid it into the grove of the rimand kept the tape pretty taught. I decided to apply two complete rotations of the tape on each rim. This might be over kill but that is what I did. Afterwards I ran my fingers around the rim a number of times to make sure the tape was seated well on the rim. I then punched a hole in the tape for the valve stem and carefully trimmed around the hole with a razor blade to insure that the tubeless valve rubber seat would contact the rim. I installed the tire, removed the valve stem core, used 2oz of tire sealant reinstalled the valve stem core and 10 pumps later -- PoP PoP the tire was on and sealed at 20 psi.

I have over 50 miles on the wheels and tires now and have to say it is one of the best rides on a drop bar bike I have ever had. The rims do not make any noise and are as true I one would expect from Mercury.