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Vincent L.

Vincent L.

Vincent L.

Vincent L.wrote a review of on May 30, 2013

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First off, the brake lever feel on my MT8's were horrible. They were about 2cm from the handle bars when fully pressed. Search online and you'll find numerous people with the same problem.
Secondly, they had a recall on them so I sent them back for fixing. When they came back, the brake lever distance went straight to the handlebars. Bled them using the Magura service kit and noticed nothing but oil leaking out of the master cylinders on both front and rear (a lot of people reported leaking master cylinders too).
Contacted Magura and long story short, they're not covering it because "it seems like DOT fluid has been used which would cause the leaking" and only offered a replacement master cylinder at a discounted price. Sorry Magura, not going to spend more money on top of the $700+ I already spent on the brakes.
Love the look and weight of these brakes but the quality lacks. Magura does have good customer service but not good enough when it comes to a faulty item.
Got myself some Shimano XTR's and never looked back.