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Tonywrote a review of on June 16, 2019

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I never thought I could tell much of a difference with what road tires I'm running, other than width, but these Schwalbe Pro One tubeless are pretty amazing. They mounted up really easy on my Oval 723 tubeless rims with one layer of Stan's rim tape. I think the Stan's tape (or equivalent) is key, I'm not a big fan of the Gorilla tape because it's not as hard and slick as the Stan's to let the tire slip up on to the bead shelf to seat. I mounted them with a tube overnight to get the folds out and get them in place, and used a little soapy water to help the bead pop up onto the bead shelf. Then, after removing the tubes and installing tubeless valve stems, 60 mL of Stan's sealant each, and a little more soapy water for the remaining bead, they sealed right up and have been airtight ever since. I used a compressor with the valve core removed just because I have one in my garage, but maybe could have done it with a track pump.

The thing I love about these tires is the road feel. The compound is just perfect; it has great grip but feels supple and very confidence inspiring, I like the compound even better than the Conti 5000s that I was was running previously. Rolling resistance feels excellent, though admittedly that's just a seat-of-the-bibs assessment, not really sure how accurate that is. I'm running 28mm wide @ 70ish psi front and rear. No idea on mileage/wear because I've only been on 4-5 rides with them.