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Tomwrote a review of on March 3, 2012

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Coming down a hill at about 30 m.p.h. at dusk, my front tire caught in a grove in the road around a curve. I went over the bars and the first thing to hit was my head, squarely on the pavement. The helmet dented the outside plastic and cracked 4 places inside on the foam. I could literally feel how the design of the helmet evenly disbursed the impact across the helmet. I have little doubt that my head could never have withstood that hit. I am so grateful to Giro for this simple but excellent helmet. If they stop making it, I hope they make one that is similar. Great price. Great helmet. Thanks for the quality that I believe saved my life Giro!
Oh, p.s., after my head hit, I hit my shoulder, separating it severely, requiring surgery a week later. It is 3 months after now, and I am recovering beautifully. So thanks to you as well Doc! :)
P.s.s., I just started riding again two weeks ago and I bought a new helmet. Which one? Need you ask?! I found another Giro Stylus! Duh!!!