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Thomas F.

Thomas F.

Thomas F.

Thomas F.wrote a review of on June 1, 2018

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Do not purchase this product! Since it was my first dropper, I had no point of reference, but all of that has changed with my purchase of a Revive, which is much smoother.
The trigger on the KS is sticky, and the seat raising function was never smooth. After less than a year use, it failed. As others experienced, oil started leaking from the bottom, and it would not lock out. I called their customer service and they would not support me without my receipt, even though the dropper was on a 2017 model bike. They guided me towards another retailer, so I could purchase a replacement cartridge. Based on the reviews from that site, people complained that each cartridge only last ~ 1 year. I have decided to cut my losses and purchase another product to replace my KS. Customer services, and support post sale is too important for me – best of luck KS!