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Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.wrote a review of on April 24, 2018

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The Element is right before 3 Stars.
When I go to sync rides to Training Peaks and Strava it uploads all the rides from everyday past so I have to go through and delete the duplicate rides from the past months. My phone will get 40ish notifications, 20ish to TP and 20ish to Strava making me go back and delete. Sometime it will do this midday randomly out of nowhere and start downloading rides that have already been added.This happens at my house when my phone comes in and out of the wifi the element is also connected to.
If I have have more than one one ride that day it will load out of order. For example, I download a workout from TP to the Element. I complete the workout, end the workout and start a new one on the ride home. When it uploads it will sync my T.P plan with the cool down on the ride home showing I failed the work out. A few mins later it will download my workout ride showing it as an extra ride.
Also for my Etap, I have the gears shown on my page. It will drop them mid ride. I don't know if this is a problem with the Etap or the Wahoo. The Element is the only head unit it does this on.
Another thing is I cant "zero" my power meter with the Element on. I let Quarq warm up 5 mins then Zero. With the Element I have to turn it off or the Quarq app will not find a power meter. This too is unique to the Element.