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Sean B.wrote a review of on June 5, 2019

Epic Shades for Epic Adventures!
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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These Julbo Renegade glasses are hands down my favorite adventure and outdoor sports related eyewear. Upon putting them on, they are very light weight and super comfortable. They also stay in place, and don't slide down on your nose. I'™ve tried on many pairs of glasses, and if they don'™t stay put, they aren't worth wearing. The frame has a really good field of view, which makes it easy to focus while doing intense activities. And they are super stylish, you can rock them anywhere! So overall, the fit is amazing!

Now, let's talk about the really cool part about them. This version of the Julbo Renegade has the Zebra Light REACTIV lens. It is a photocromic lens that will adjust tint based on the intensity of the UV exposure. Julbo has multiple versions of REACTIV lens, and some other options are rated for darker tint. The Zebra Light is considered the standard, and online it said they were good for anything besides sunny snow sports. So for my first day I took them out in the snow and did a high alpine backcountry tour with my splitboard. The lens quickly darkened, and actually worked perfectly fine for the extreme sun exposure on a totally bluebird day. If you enjoy really dark tint, then I would recommend checking out some of their other options, but personally for me it was just the right amount, I don't like my glasses to be super dark.

Next, I wanted to really put the REACTIV lens to the test. I went on a bike ride up a classic trail system here in UT. I rode an area called Jacob's Ladder and connected it to Rush (UT locals will know exactly what I'm talking about). The trail has a mix of heavy tree coverage, and totally open views to the sky. The glasses adjusted very well, and quite fast! In the trees it was almost zero tint, and up high in the sun it was nice and dark. I didn't have to deal with any eye strain at all. Since then, I have taken these on all my outdoor adventures!

Overall, I love these glasses! I will give you the one con I have found. If you wear them while driving around, your car roof will block the UV rays. The glasses will lighten up, and they become useless for driving purposes. So keep an extra pair of normal shades in the car! But let's face it, if you are looking at these it's because you want a sick pair of shades for hiking, biking, climbing, running, and all epic outdoor adventures.