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Scott B.

Scott B.

Scott B.

Scott B.wrote a review of on July 19, 2019

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

These are good shoes. Not great. Not basic or entry level either.

These SH-RC7 are replacing a pair of older Shimano SH-R321 which was Shimano's top end shoe at the time. The RC7s aren't top end shoes, but they are close.

They look nice and the BOA dials are better in some ways than the buckle and velcro on the R321. It would be nice to micro loosen the BOA, but again these aren't top shelf shoes. The BOA wires also will come unhooked from the guides--especially the one up by the ankle. This isn't too problematic, but can make getting these on in a parking lot a bit of an issue. When the shoes were new and the uppers were really stiff this was more of a problem than once the uppers soften up and become a bit more flexible--especially the tongue.

In terms of fit, they feel a bit narrower in the toe box than the older R321 (or the R321 just stretched a bit).

Heel fit feels fine--maybe a bit snugger than the older shoes.

Where these fall down a bit in fit is the insoles. There's not as much shaping and thus support as in the R321 shoes and other high end shoes. The basic insoles might be part of why the toe box feels a bit narrower than the R321 shoe.

Out of the box and for the first few rides these RC7 uppers feel a bit stiff, but they seem to be loosening up a bit.

Overall, these are good shoes. They're not top end, but then again they're not priced to be. If you're coming from entry level or mid-level shoes then these shine. If you're coming from top shelf shoes, then you might not be as happy with them. Better insoles might be the difference maker with these.