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Russell S.

Russell S.

Russell S.

Russell S.wrote a review of on July 17, 2017

2 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

Based on the positive online reviews, I bought a Weehoo and tried it out with our 2 year old toddler. I towed it on roads and bike paths around New England for 4 rides, about 60-80 miles total. But I didn't like the handling and ended up selling it and replacing with a Burley Minnow.

Things I liked:
+ Solid build quality
+ Easy setup, dissassembly
+ Narrower than most other trailers - doesn't take up as much of the road
+ Armrests are good for keeping a napping kid from falling out.

Things I didn't like:
-- With my cyclocross bike, I had a difficult time controling this trailer, especially when out of the saddle. The single wheel design and seatpost attachment point creates a lever arm that tilts the bike to the left or right whenver you stand up. This in turn creates a fish-tailing effect with the single wheel design.
-- When leaning into a turn, the degree of your lean has a dramatic effect on how the trailer tracks through the turn. You'll find your arms getting tired as you death grip the handlebars trying to keep the trailer stable.\
-- Emergency handling was downright dangerous, primarily because I typically stand up when things get hairy. Ex: There's a pothole ahead of you, so you stand up on the pedals a little and start turning. This in turn causes the trailer to fishtail. We had a few scary moments.
-- Loading your child can be difficult because the trailer won't balance on its own. Sure, you can often find a fence or wall to lean the bike and trailer against. But it's still more difficult than a 2-wheel trailer, which is perfectly stable when loading. I had the optional kickstand, which helped a little, but is not wide enough to stabilize the trailer when there's a kid sitting in it.
-- Minor gripe, but the seatpost attachment caused some abrasion on my carbon seatpost. It wasn't too bad from the few rides that I did, but would be a concern if you adopted this trailer long term.
-- The mud guard is not sufficient. My kid got a lot of dirt in his face. Sunglasses are a must.
-- It's significantly heavier than your typical 2-wheel trailer.

Disclaimer: This review is for road riding, and I have a young kid. I expect that a bike with very wide handlebars (ie, a mountain bike) would provide a better ability for the rider to stabilize the trailer. While I give this trailer a thumbs-down for road riding, I can see how it might be better for mountain biking. Likewise, an older kid may be better at balancing (making the handling better) or just weigh more (making the handling worse).




Russell S.

Russell S.wrote a review of on August 7, 2006

4 5

The funky Salomon lacing system on these shoes works great - quick and easy to put your shoes on, and then relaiable when you're hiking - no more laces getting untied, caught on shrubs, easy to loosen/tighten up, etc. I use these shoes for hiking, and often wear them around camp with the lacing loose - unlike a regular shoe, I don't have any trailing laces to trip myself.

One other thing I like about these shoes is the big rubber toe guard - great for when you're hiking off-trail or scrambling up over rocks.

Potential Cons: The kevlar laces are held in place by a plastic speed-lace widget that could break. I've never had any problem with this, but it would really suck if this plastic thing were to break. I bet you could jerry-rig some sort of fix to get back to civilization, but it would be significantly more difficult to fix than regular laces.