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Rosemary T.

Rosemary T.

Rosemary T.

Rosemary T.wrote a review of on August 4, 2018

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I had the previous version of Assos women's shorts (FI.LADY_S5, with the teal pad) and absolutely loved them. I was going to get a second pair, but saw there was a new version out, so I ordered these instead. I regret this decision terribly because these new shorts are unwearable. When you're on a hill, the pad really moves around, pulling away from your crotch every time you push down on the pedal, because it's not attached on the sides, only in front and back. You can feel an intermittent breeze on your privates, which is really uncomfortable and distracting. Also, these shorts give me a sore spot, in the front, right on a very sensitive area. I had a painful sore after a 36 mile ride the last time I wore them. I've had these shorts for a year now, and have decided that I've tried everything (tons of chamois cream, even taping a cotton ball with first aid tape to protect the sensitive spot from rubbing!) Shorts this expensive should be comfortable and not require a hack to make them comfortable! I'm much past the return date, so sadly, I basically wasted $160. So incredibly disappointing!!!