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Ronnie Ray-Gun

Ronnie Ray-Gun

Fort Collins, CO

Ronnie Ray-Gun

Ronnie Ray-Gunwrote a review of on September 25, 2015

2 5

Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

So, this was a back-up choice for jerseys since my original order was messed up. I have 4 other fox jerseys (size small) and they all fit perfectly and are awesome, so I went ahead and ordered this one.

When it arrived it looked quality like the other ones that I owned, and it appeared to be big enough, but I went to try it on to make sure it fit the way I liked and that is where I ran in to issues. I have a small head, size 6 7/8 hat, and it would not even come close to fitting though the head opening.

If I was able to get my head through the opening, it would be a stellar jersey, but of course it has to go back.




Ronnie Ray-Gun

Ronnie Ray-Gunwrote a review of on July 4, 2014

Could be better.
3 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

When it comes to something that is going to keep me connected to the ground, it is not something that I take lightly. Being as mtb tires are what can make or brake a ride, I researched my options for many weeks before I ended up deciding on the Trail Kings in 26x2.2. From the reviews that I read, the black chili compound was the way to go as they are handmade in Germany (the wire beaded ones are made in Taiwan) and are sticky as all get out in dry, hardpacked to loose over hard pack condition and on rock. I was a bit concerned with longevity of the tire with the tire being so soft and grippy, but I was reassured by many that this tire was durable, so I had no qualms about giving it a try. Riding in Colorado, I figured this would be the perfect tire and was excited to give it a try.

Once I got the tire, it was easy to put on and the beads hooked up with ease. Initial impression were that the tire was a bit wide for being a 2.2 size, but it was a good looking tire and complemented my bike. On the trail I was impressed this the ease of rolling and ability to keep speed and I found a new confidence in cornering.

After 3 rides and about 20 miles I looked over the tread and noticed that some of the knobs were splitting off. I was a bit put off by this as I figured that they should be durable, especially since I had only ridden on hardpack with a couple small rock gardens.

Overall, these are a great tire with lots of grip that will improve your cornering and keep speed with ease with low rolling resistance. Durability wise, you should probably consider a different tire.