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Rogerwrote a review of on September 8, 2019

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I ordered both the elbow and the knee guard. I'll review the elbow in a separate post. My go to local ride has about a 1 hour plus uphill and after about an hour or so there's another 45 minute climb out. I usually dont put on my pads until after that first climb and remove them before that final climb out. Since I wanted to really test these guys out I put them on at the begining of the ride until th end of the ride....about 3 hours....really wanted to see if they would slip or be uncomfortable. Really didnt know they were there until I looked down at them. They are very comfortable! Now to be fair, on warm to hot know you'll feel the heat from them on a long climb but with the cooler days they are perfect. The material used feels beefier than my GFORMs. If I were a DH rider for sure I'd opt for a more serious product but I got this for my regular rides... Id recommend this product to my friends!