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Robert W

Robert W

Robert W

Robert Wwrote a review of on July 29, 2017

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have used frogs for road riding since they first came out in the early 90s. I played competitive sports in school so my knees were not in the best shape. When I got into cycling, I first tried some of the common clipless pedals of the day with very little float or flexibility. I had constant knee pain. It wasn't seat adjustment or frame size, it was that my feet were locked into a very narrow range of movement that in my case caused pain. I was ready to quit cycling when I read about the new Speedplay pedal. It was meant then mostly for mountain bikers. But I also didn't like the cleats on road bike pedals that stuck way out and were impossible to walk on. The frogs allowed a lot of foot float and had cleats that recessed with the right shoes. (By the way, make sure your cycling shoes have room for the cleats. I use Sidis and they work.) I tried them and after about the second ride, no more pain! And that after months of hurting. I've used them ever since. Once I had to borrow a bike on a trip that had the fixed type of cleat. Within a few minutes, the old pain started to return. So I am a frog customer for life. I hope they never stop making them because I can't use anything else.

The only problems I've ever had with frogs is that the two needle type bearings that the pedals rotate on tend to break down. The instructions warn about regular lubrication to prevent this. I have always lubed them but they still wear down. They aren't very strong bear sets for the weight they have to bear. I found a company online that sells the same sizes for a lot less money than frog rebuild kits cost, and they seem to be stronger. I've had a pedal fail on a ride and had no way to fix it. I now carry replacement bearing sets and a small wrench. They are easy to fix if you have the tool and parts.

That said, overall, frogs are perfect for me. Even if you don't have knee problems, these pedals are super easy to get into and out of. I've tried just about everything over the 40+ years I've been road riding and I've never found one as easy to step into and out of. The free float takes a bit getting used to if you're used to the other kind. I don't even think about it now. I will say it helps to use a bit of chain lube on the pedal surfaces now and then to make movement easier.