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Robert Strom

Robert Strom

Robert Strom

Robert Stromwrote a review of on May 12, 2012

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These gloves meet my two most important tests

1. No velcro
2. Not much padding

The gloves win on both of those accounts. I bought multiple pairs of these and I'm very happy that I did.

I've ridden a few times with one of the pairs and have found them to be quite comfortable. As another individual pointed out, they do run a bit small. I have had other gloves in a Medium (older Adidas like the T-Mobile team used to wear - I bought a bunch of those cheap!!) and others in a Large (Giro long finger). I sized up to the large with this and I'm very glad that I did. There is no way that I could have worn the medium.

If you like simple / minimalist gloves then these are for you and they are a fantastic price - except for those Adidas ones that I bought ;-)