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Rob W.

Rob W.

Rob W.

Rob W.wrote a review of on September 30, 2019

5 5

I got this after years with a Garmin Edge. Very happy with it after a month or so. It’s well made and works reliably. The app-based setup is as user-friendly as all the reviews indicate. Screen visibility is good. Customer support was very responsive on the few times I reached out.

Best advantages over the Garmin:

* Ease of setup and user-interface.

* No syncing issues

* More readable screen

A few quibbles:

* There’s no status indicator on the screen when the unit is charging, so you can’t see the progress toward a full charge.

* Unlike the Garmin, there’s no way to auto-scroll between pages while riding. You have to change the page manually.

* I have my device synced to a Shimano Di2, but there’s no way to show the Di2 battery level on one of the main pages, as there is with Garmin. You have to press a few buttons to find it non-intuitively.

* The Garmin has a rubberized rim while the Bolt is plastic, which can scratch easily if dropped.