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Ricky Jaros

Ricky Jaros

Ricky Jaros

Ricky Jaroswrote a review of on August 31, 2018

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I wanted a reliable and simple-ish system that does only speed and distance. I have a very nice GPS app on my older iPhone but MTBing in New England woods is a nightmare for any GPS unit. GPS Maps well but ACTUAL distances just can't be done. The answer is a dedicated wheel sensor. The SPEED unti is just that. My favorite GPS App can use heart monitors but not RPM monitors. So, I use the Wahoo Fitness App. Not being familiar with the App (or anything like it) I was VERY frustrated by the LACK of any real manual/instructions. Yes, if you hunt around the Wahoo site you get clues. But, there is a LARGE amount of trial and error and a STEEP learning curve required. The unit is not for those who are NOT Tech Savvy. Some Examples: 1) You have to be sure to choose/check "NONE" if you arn't using Cadence. 2) You can add and subtract screens BUT you must choose from premade choices 3) Not all options are profile specific (like which announcements you'd like to hear)
The list goes on...
When you finnaly understand HOW things interact, life with the unit is good. I can run just distance to save the battey or I can utilize GPS for tracks. By the way... on the Map screen there is a small "location arrow" you can toggle on and off accidently. One more thing - the battery is LIVE when you get the unit. If it was on the shelf too long it will be low. Shaking the unit "wakes" it up. So... Yes, I like this unit and it's possibilites within the Wahoo App. NO, it is NOT for those that aren't tech savvy and patient.