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Rick S.

Rick S.

Cary, NC

Rick S.'s Passions

Road Biking

Rick S.'s Bio

Lifelong athlete. Now trying to be the best I can be at living long and well. Winning races (actually "attempting to win races) is no longer my thing. These days I more often choose rides that invigorate rather than destroy me. Short and fast is my way! There are too many other things I want to fill in to my day.

Rick S.

Rick S.wrote a review of on March 21, 2018

Not for Steep Driveways
3 5

First let me say that if you never have to deal with transporting bikes up steep driveways or over uneven ground-- this rack is pretty darn cool! And solid!! I just put mine together. This RockyMounts Monorail is the replacement for a Yakima 2-UP rack gone bad from rust and wear after just 5-years (North Carolina Weather isn't that rugged). BUT I was really sad to learn on my first trip into my driveway that it cannot clear the pavement even without bikes on it. It sticks out too far in back. Yakima overcame this with a curved design for a spine. You can see in the picture what I'm talking about. I'm very bummed. Believe me it's a nice rack in many other ways, but it cannot get up my driveway and Yakima was able to clear easily even with two bikes on board.



Rick S.

Rick S.wrote a review of on March 9, 2017

4 5

Nice looking jacket that is ONLY for riding. I purchased an XL which is what I wear for Castelli jerseys. It was too small and I'm ordering an XXL. The fit it not only form fit, it is form fit specifically to RIDING position. Don't buy this for a walk around town jacket. It's not gonna feel good unless you are bent over the bike.




Rick S.

Rick S.posted an image about on July 24, 2012

C1R with Power Tap Rear Wheel

Love this bike. Took me a few weeks to get used to it's feathery response. I had spent 10-years on a wonderful Serotta Legend Ti and was used to the Cadillac feel of it. But the C1R is more like a BMW. It's so incredibly light going uphill and aerodynamic into the wind.