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Richard Plastino

Richard Plastino

Richard Plastino

Richard Plastinowrote a review of on August 6, 2011

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I've been looking for months to find a really tough pair of baggy shorts to replace my Oakley's. I need shorts that are made of a material that will take a crash on rocks and not rip out. The material in these pants is tough.

Also, I like tons of big zipper pockets to hold all my stuff that I want without taking my backpack off. These pants have them.

One nitpick and one fatal flaw (for me). The nitpick is that the waist adjustments are on the outside of the pant waist which causes a pucker of material on the inside against my skin. It gets uncomfortable real fast. The fatal flaw is that the short legs are not cut "baggy" and are only something like 20 inches at the bottom. Since my thighs are bigger than that, the pant rides up when I lift my leg over the bike and then I have to pull them down while riding. That's a pain on a rocky trail.

I had to send them back and just repaired my Oakley's. Unfortunately Oakley doesn't make the model of short I bought in 2007.

If Zoic would have a more generous cut in the pant leg, these would be perfect. Or if you have thin thighs, you'll love them.