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Richard H.

Richard H.

Richard H.

Richard H.wrote a review of on August 6, 2015

Not impressed so far
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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I've been a devoted user of Speedplay pedals since I went clipless back in the early 90s. The original simple design of their MTB pedals were bombproof. I never had any problems and they were maintenance free. ...and they lasted forever. Then along came the Frog pedals. Same basic idea as the originals, but now the cleats wore out every 4-6 months. I started having constant problems staying clipped, so I replaced both pedals (on 2 bikes) and cleats with new Frogs. For the last year, I have been adjusting and tinkering with the cleats to try and get my feet to stay in the pedals. A few months ago, I built an Ibis Tranny here on CC and it is an awesome ride! The one thing I didn't order was new pedals since my Frogs were less than a year old. After a few rides on my new bike, I quickly decided that these pedals were not worthy as they continued to come unclipped. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying the new Speedplay SYZR pedals and also replaced my old Sidi Dominator shoes with a new pair. Ok, now for the review: Out of the box, they worked perfect. Felt good, the float was familiar, clipped and unclipped nicely, etc. First ride I had great expectations but towards the middle to end of the ride, they became dusty and harder to unclip. So, I bought the recommended dry lube and have been lubing them every ride and trying to adjust them to a comfortable release but firmly held in. It's been about 16 rides now and I can't find a happy medium. Too loose, and they unclip on technical downhill. Too tight, and I tip over when coming to a stop.

I think I'll dig through the garage and find my original Speedplay pedals!!!