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Rene Francisco

Rene Francisco

Rene Francisco

Rene Franciscowrote a review of on November 19, 2010

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After using rooftop bike carriers for the past 10 years, we decided to get a hitch mounted rack for our new Audi Q7. Loading three bikes up on the roof of the Q7 would be a daunting task. Plus it'd be difficult for my wife to load/unload. This Thule hitch mounted rack was perfect. Solid construction with some weight so you know it's sturdy. I love the retractable locks although it would be easy to cut through and have someone run away with your bikes. Bikes are secured with no banging against each other.

Installation was very quick and easy but having another person there to lift and align would be helpful. Also, be sure to line the bolts up carefully so you don't strip the threads. You should be able to thread the bolts almost all the way in with your hand then tighten with the included wrench.

One thing we needed was the thule adapter to mount our bikes since a full suspension bike would not fit on the bars. It's basically the bar that acts like a top tube.