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R.J. Gardner

R.J. Gardner

South Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City

R.J. Gardner's Bio

Grew up in beautiful Lake Tahoe, now live in Salt Lake City. Obvious trend of not being able to move away from the mountains. Both winter and summer sports get me possibly more stoked than the recommended daily amount, but I take advantage of where I'm at every day. I will ride down any mountain, or across any lake with whatever I can get my hands on at the time. My main expertise is in all things alpine skiing, boots, skis, bindings, and specifically an expert in waxing and tuning products, but also have extensive knowledge on AT and backcountry gear. I still snowboard every year to keep up with the feel and technology of new products. I dabble in rock climbing and mountain biking in the summer and like to take camping trips as much as possible.

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