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Nick Z.

Nick Z.

Nick Z.

Nick Z.wrote a review of on August 28, 2011

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I have been using the Deadlock for 3 years on my Doubledown 4. I keep the hitch lock installed whenever the rack is on my car to prevent someone from taking the whole rack. I typically only use the bike lock if I will be leaving the car unattended for a while but not when I am going straight to a trailhead and back. Many reviewers comment on how limited the protection offered by this lock really is. Well, as my father always told me, locks only keep the honest people out. Therefore, the Deadlock does provide some added protection for your ride(s).

My testimony for the Yakima "Love It Till You Leave It" Limited Lifetime Warranty: After 3 years of mild use, the lock mechanism on my Deadlock failed to actuate. I sent an email to customer support on a Sunday explaining the problem. A reply came on Wednesday asking for proof of purchase, which I sent as an email attachment that same evening. On Saturday, a brand new Deadlock was delivered to my door by FedEx Ground. In my experience, Yakima stands by their product and values their customers!