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Nadav Herman

Nadav Herman

Nadav Herman

Nadav Hermanwrote a review of on May 1, 2017

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my days of riding thousand miles are gone. i'm now a domesticated house trained former long distance cyclist and a former dirtbag. i only get to do short bike rides. for 3-4 days at a time. i discovered the hyper hydration to be a very helpful tool. when my wife sees me pack it she knows a type 2 fun is coming my way and laugh at me for dreaming and wanting to be a dirtbag cyclist. call me stupid but there is nothing like feeling your heart about to jump out of your chest and a path of sweat drops on the road behind you that can lead you all the way to where you camped the previous night.
do not expect it to taste any yummy aromas on your pallet. but man oh man that will take a hideous dehydration headache away.