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Mikewrote a review of on April 13, 2015

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I've been a big fan of Camelbak products in the past, but I thought this one was a dud. I've been happy with the marathoner vest but wanted something with more storage.

In theory it seems like a good idea to get the water weight on your hips, but in practice it didn't work as planned in my experience. I'm only 5'10" 180 lbs but I couldn't for the life of me get the waist strap to stay on my hips, despite trying every which way to get the straps and velcro adjust dialed. After just a few strides it would ride up onto my abdomen. To keep the load stabilized you have to pull the lower strap reasonably tight, but I found it very annoying running with a tight strap across my abdomen. It just isn't comfortable there. And the lumbar portion of the pack was constantly causing my shirt to ride up and chafe the low back. I found myself fiddling constantly with the fit, but I could never get a comfortable fit.

Storage was a little below average for a pack of this size (compared to a comparable Nathan pack for instance). The front mesh pockets were a little small to throw a bottle in as well.

Throw some weight in it and jog around before committing to this pack to make sure the fit works for you. Mine seemed comfortable enough in my living room, but on the trail not so much. But hey, if the fit works for you this could be a perfectly capable pack.