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Matthew Haarman

Matthew Haarman

Matthew Haarman

Matthew Haarmanwrote a review of on September 19, 2010

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I bought this box to carry my beautiful ride "Cynthia" back and forth to Europe, where I currently work. This is my mountain bike, and the case fit it like a glove. It was easy to use and did the job flawlessly. The only thing I have beef with is the weight. The case weighs 30 lbs. "Cynthia" weighs 28. 30+28= 58. 50 lbs. being airport standard I had to pay a little extra. It bumped me up to the 70 lbs limit so i was able to stash some peanut butter and some other goods hard to find in Slovakia... No harm no foul. I also like the fact that this bike will also fit my roadie. My roadie "Heidi" Fits snug and easily comes in under 50 lbs.

As for Huck n Roll... These guys rock. I needed this case on short notice, and they worked with me and got it to my front door in time for my trip. I had found it on another web sight for a couple a bucks cheaper, and the easy to talk to guy from Huck n roll price matched it for me. Nice customer service!