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Mark E.

Mark E.

Mark E.

Mark E.wrote a review of on July 21, 2018

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I have had good experience with tubeless on my mountain and 'cross bikes, so thought I'd try these on some spare tubeless ready wheels (cheap Bontrager) I could use for road training on the cross 'bike. After about 2 hrs trying to mount the first one I went to LBS, who spent about 30 min and used 2 large steel levers to mount (scratched rim too.) I brought home and pumped to about 70psi with compressor and tire basically exploded, ruining bead at less than max pressure. I suspect the bead must have gotten damaged with all the tools, but not sure.
Clearly tubeless road tires must be pretty "wheel-sensitive" (see below), but I've spent less time (and now $) with tubulars!