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Mark Dajnowiczwrote a review of on December 13, 2016

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When the gloves arrived I was concerned that they would not fit. I always wear an XL in most everything. When I went to put them on, they fit absolutely perfect. Not only that, I could not believe the job they did on my ride in 32 degrees. My hands were perfectly warm and easy to maneuver the bike controls on handlebars. Also, where I thought the wrist would be tight, was perfect for keeping any cold air in the glove and very comfortable. This was a huge win to order this product. I cannot comment of quality as I have only used them twice thus far, but these gloves rock.

For this review, I am going to state that the gloves run true to size. I am an XL and they just fit. But like most bike wear, true to fit is comical. Some bike jerseys are far too small. The gloves, for me, are a perfect fit. As a matter of fact, I am unsure how they fit so good when you look at them to the eye. I would say that if your hands run in-between sizes, then I would opt for the larger size. For example, if you sometimes wear a SMALL or a MEDIUM, then opt for the MEDIUM. For me, I always wear and XL and they just fit...just fit perfectly.

The looks of the glove are nice too. Not plain and not too loud. I ordered the ones with the blue accent and they are nice looking.

Since I just moved to a climate that is much colder than where I used to live, I was nervous about selecting a nice winter glove for riding. I am pleasantly surprised by making a great first choice. I would highly recommend these gloves to anyone who wants to have warm hands for those rather windy cold downhill mountain bike rides.