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Lynn Mwrote a review of on January 26, 2018

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I really like the weight, fit, and feel of this lid. My main disappointment is in the harness which is what prevents me from five-starring it. Why they'd make this white [instead of gray] is beyond me. This thing is going to get grungy and gross looking in no time flat. It's also made using a thinner web nylon which makes it feel a bit flimsy and cheap. The whole sunglasses docking seems overrated as my Rudys do not seem to find this feature any more useful than on my first $30 entry level Bell. I look forward to the HUGE vents this summer, though I can see there will be sunburn risk on the forehead that isn't a concern smaller venting lids. If you are bald or shave your head you will definitely always want a liner to prevent racing stripe tan lines on your melon! Even those with hair should be mindful of the upper forehead sun exposure. Not everyone appreciates the POC styling but this thing feels amazing and I appreciate the rear head coverage. It does, however, force a very low ponytail rather than being able to pull it through the harness gap on most/many other helmets. I have thinner pin-straight hair and this presents no issue for me, but it could be a factor to consider for those with very thick locks. I would definitely buy another POC despite the harness gripe.