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Logan Ross

Logan Ross

Logan Ross

Logan Rosswrote a review of on August 15, 2015

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have ridden Speedplay Frogs since they came out. Just got a new Trek Ex 8 and decided to upgrade the pedals. Naturally, I went for Speedplays, this time the Syzrs. Am I happy? No....and here is why:
1) I think they are dangerous. The first hint was the fact that the instructions have virtually the same warnings as the frogs, except for one addition. You are told not to angle your toe down as you may accidentally disengage. I learned the hard way as I don't always ride with my feet perfectly level. IT is particularly annoying when I am trying to lock in, where I often angle my foot slightly down to help the cleat find the pedal clip. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE CLIP SPRING IS IN THE FRONT OF THE PEDAL, RATHER THAN THE BACK LIKE MOST OTHER PEDALS. This means that pushing your foot forward may compress the spring and widen the opening that is supposed to be closed to hold your cleat to the pedal. I sincerely don't understand that design choice as natural pedal motion includes a forward motion component. You can tighten the spring with an adjustment screw to reduce the problem, but that makes it harder to clip-out.
2) The Syzrs are complicated. Adjustment screws and bolts everywhere (cleat and Pedal). While infinite adjustability seems like a great idea, it makes it tedious to tune the pedals to your liking. Moreover, I am fearful that some of these will loosen during a ride. You also have to make the adjustments 4 times, once for each side of each pedal.



Logan Ross

Logan Rosswrote a review of on August 17, 2009

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This is a very comfortable shoe. Its a real wide size platform. It also did not appear to create pressure points (a big deal for me since I am used to the BOA closure system found on my Lake shoes). Its well designed and the materials are top notch. However, I have hot feet and the synthetic material and limited venting meant it was too hot for me. I will probably go with its older brother - the Shimano SH-M310 which is cut lower and has a bit more venting and seems to be designed for more cross country/race use than the M230.