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Leo Ahrens

Leo Ahrens

Leo Ahrens

Leo Ahrenswrote a review of on June 11, 2013

Makes me think, "Batman".
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This watch is probably the most stylie, hip watch out of the entire Suunto lineup. The black on black is very stealth and and gives off a classy look that makes me think,"Batman".

As mentioned in other comments, the altitude is based off absolute air pressure so sometimes it is necessary to give a reference altitude after not changing elevation for long periods of time.

It is cool to have the "storm warning" function as it does actually seem fairly accurate as storms roll in. If i was too careless to check the weather before a big hike or something similar the watch would at least give me a warning that I should think about weather approaching.

The contrast could definitely be turned up on the digital display. It can seem fairly dark in certain lighting. There is a backlight feature but that too is fairly faint.

I would say I have a medium sized wrist and you can see how it fits in the attached photo. I think the fish eye lens I used made it seem slightly larger than it is but it does have a big fit…

Overall I would buy this watch with style in mind with an occasional desire to tap into a few cool features.