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Kyle Madison

Kyle Madison

All over the Wasatch . Park City, Canyons, Brighton and Snowbird and any where else I can!!

Kyle Madison's Bio

I was born here in UT but moved around a bit through west, west coast and Hawaii. Somehow the mountains just keep bringing me back here to Utah, one of the best places for outdoor goodness. In the winter you'll find me shredding up the slopes on my snowboard. When the summer rolls around I'll be out hiking, camping and climbing. I'm pretty excited to get into cycling this summer as well. I love good functional gear. You won't get any fluff from this guy unless it's a pow splash to the face.

Kyle Madison

Kyle Madisonwrote a review of on January 15, 2014

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I recently picked this up for my lady. She's a server and I wanted her to have something to pack around with her after late nights at work till she can get her concealed weapons permit. I did quite a bit of research into non-lethal protection and this one was the best options I could find. The next best thing was several hundred dollars. At that price a small pistol would be preferred in my book. This little guy is lightweight and user friendly. Just push the safety tab through the trigger pull and squeeze. The pyrotechnic charge unleashes a fiery blast of fury at your attacker. It has two shots of concentrated oleoresin capsicum in a gooey mixture that leaves the barrel at 90 mph. The goo is nice because there won't be any aerosol pepper mixture left lingering in the air to possibly blow back in your face. The first shot fires from the bottom barrel, second from the top. The first shot seems to fire a little lower as you can see in some of the reviews online. Makes for a thoughtful gift and $40 isn't much for a little piece of mind. There are some review links below.